What to look for when you’re booking an elopement photographer in 2023!

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I can’t believe it’s here again! Engagement season is fast approaching and we all know that means everyone and their dog will be looking for an elopement photographer soon. Here are all my best tips to make sure you find an amazing elopement photographer that is not only great at their craft but responsible too! 

The most important thing to any couple on their elopement when comes to photography is the actual images, right?!  When you’re looking for a photographer make sure they have lots of examples of their work and that it was been consistent (with images that you like!) for a while now. Photography is art and art can be fluid – we love artists for that! But, you want to make sure the photographer you’re choosing hasn’t been swinging back and forth on the creativity ladder making art you don’t love some of the time.  Another thing to keep an eye on when you’re looking at portfolios is different lighting situations and locations. Make sure your photographer can shoot in harsh light, low light, shadows, and sunset if that is important to you! 

After you’ve selected a photographer whose images you love – you’ve got to make sure they know how to keep your images safe! I think all photographers should follow the 3-2-1 rule. 3 copies of your images, in 2 different locations, 1 of which is offsite (ie. online or on another server etc)  This makes sure that even if there’s a fire, a flood, or a technical mishap your images are safe and secure. 

After you’ve discussed how your photographer is going to keep your images safe – you’ll want to know when you’re going to get them! There is no hard and fast industry standard for image delivery, so check with your potential photographers about when and how they deliver your images. Do you get sneak peeks in 5 days or 15? Does your gallery delivery take 20 weeks or almost a year? These are all things you’ll want to find out to keep your expectations at bay! No one wants to wake up after their wedding day thinking they will have sneak peeks that day only to find out it’ll be a two-week wait! Noooo, sir! 

Lastly, and most importantly for some people, make sure you like your photographer. I don’t just mean ‘meh, they’re fine.’ I mean like… “ I love this person and would love for them to be intertwined into my memories.” THAT kinda like! You will spend more time with your photographer than almost anyone else on your wedding day so please, I beg of you, make sure they are your people! I want you to have a day you LOVE and not one that’s spoiled but the memories of a photographer who couldn’t be a good time for you! 

Now, I know you’re thinking I’ve probably written this because I can nail all of these questions in a meeting with a client. And, you might just be right! I do hope that you think my work is consistently beautiful, that I have a solid backup plan for your images, that my delivery times are great, and that I am one hell of a good time! BUT! Even if I’m not the photographer for you, I hope you read this blog post and feel equipt to find your perfect photographer and absolutely rock your wedding day! At the end of the day, all I want is for happy people to have beautiful images! 

If you want to work with me  – shoot me a message! I’d love to hear all about your wedding day dreams!

-Shannon Boyd Photo

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