What to look for when you’re booking an elopement photographer in 2023!


I can’t believe it’s here again! Engagement season is fast approaching and we all know that means everyone and their dog will be looking for a wedding photographer soon. Here are all my best tips to make sure you find a wedding photographer that is not only great at their craft but responsible too! 


Banff Elopement

Meet your photographer- Shannon Boyd


In 2020 the world changed for so many of us – myself included. When life was forced to slow down I started to explore my creative side and fell absolutely in love with elopements and couples, I have always known that entrepreneurship was something I was interested in. I didn’t fit into the 9-5 box and have always been very passionate about the things I wanted to accomplish. Entrepreneurship always seemed to be where I was headed – I just didn’t know what my full blown passion would be!